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Eunhae: A Summary

  • Donghae:


  • Donghae:

    He's so handsome. I could touch his face all day.

  • Donghae:

    Hyukjae is talented too!

  • Donghae:

    He blows people away with his charisma.

  • Donghae:

    He shines brighter than the stars when he's dancing.

  • Donghae:

    And he's funny, too. Really, really funny.

  • Donghae:

    Ah, yes. Hyukjae.

  • Donghae:

    He's amazing.

  • _________________________________________________________

  • Hyukjae:


  • Hyukjae:

    He's an idiot.

 Reasons to love Lee Hyukjae: C-0404

↪13. him being a dream pursuer and an inspiration to everyone that any dream will come true if you will truly work hard for it.

EH:”The day I first opened my eyes to dance, from then on my dream was set” Back then I was only in grade 6 elementary school I was already determined to become a star.Trainee days were long and slow, but I was never really tired.

"The moment I set my eyes to become a star my goal has never wavered. I never considered "what will I do if I fail", my personality is more like take action without limits."

Happy Birthday Lee HyukJae! (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) 

My baby, always am thanking God for having put in my path, you’re  my inspiration, you’re as good, talented, humble, despite having gone through many hard times you’re always smiling. 

Thanks for existing & for making me very happy, with your smile, your talent, your personality, in simple words…. you are a “wonderful” person

I love you Lee Hyukjae & I  think my love for you will never end.

Hope you have a beautiful day with all the people who love you … I wish you the best of this world. ♥ 

Never stop dreaming and always smiling & be happy. 

I love you. ♡

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